Hotels in Skógar

There are several hotels in the area of Skógar, many of which are described in this page.

About Skógar

Skógar, literally means “forests”.

It is a small Icelandic village with a population of roughly 25 located at the south of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, in the municipality of Rangárþing eystra.

The area is known for its waterfall, Skógafoss, on the Skógá river, which springs from 60 metres at the top of an eroded cliff, making an impressive display to visitors.]

Hotel Choices in and around Skogar

Below are the five hotels either exactly in, or close to, Skógar which are available to book online.

Hotel Drangshlid

Guesthouse Drangshlid
Drangshlid 1
861 Skogar, Iceland

Hótel Skógafoss

Hotel Skogar
861 Skoga, Iceland

Fosstún Guesthouse

861 Skogar, Iceland

Guesthouse Skógafoss

861 Skogar

Hotel Kverna

Skógar Skógum
861 Skogar

Map of Hotels Near Skogar, Iceland

The map below will allow you to visualise exactly where the hotels around this small village are situatied.

Map of Hotels in Iceland